Will You Be in Line for the iPhone 5? Check Out These Statistics

Will you be purchasing or upgrading to an iPhone 5? Many people have said YES! ¬†How many are actually expected to buy? The folks at Baird Research put together a comprehensive study and they came up with some interesting numbers as to who will be buying one. Here’s what they found: * Apple estimates that it will sell at least 50 million iPhones in the next year, which is extremely conservative. Analysts predict that Apple could sell that many by Christmas of this year. * With regards to poaching (taking users away from another brand)
  • 77% of iPhone users expected to remain loyal users
  • 48% of Android users will stay with Android
  • 17% of Android users will switch to iPhone
  • 5% of iPhone users have said they will switch to Android
  • 2% of Blackberry users say they will stay with Blackberry
What category do you fit into? ¬†Homes.com wants to know, tell us below.  

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