Get Ready to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

HDC_Hispanic_Heritage_Blog_2850_1200x600September 15th through October 15th each year is Hispanic heritage month, a time to celebrate and pay tribute to the generations of Hispanic Americans who have influenced and enriched our history, culture, and communities. With September 15th fast approaching, now is the time to start thinking about how you can get involved. Art & Music There are many topics you can explore during Hispanic heritage month. Art and music are a great place to start. Consider sharing some of the great art and music made by Hispanic artists, or focus on the artists themselves. If they’re local artists, even better! Talk about the artist, share an example of their work, then share where people can purchase their music or see them locally. History and Prominent Figures You may be surprised to discover how much history exists in your town. Take some time to find out about the prominent Hispanic figures from your area’s past (and present!), then share this information socially. These people could be anyone from the Spanish Conquistadors who explored the area hundreds of years ago to a local small-business owner. Local Events Keep an eye out for any festivals, art shows, or historical events celebrating Hispanic heritage month and share the event details on your business social sites. Also consider live streaming a video from the event or interviewing some of the participants. Hashtags Regardless of how you decide to celebrate Hispanic heritage month, remember to share the fun socially. There are several hashtags you can tag your posts with, with #hispanicheritagemonth and #nhhm being two of the biggest. Use one or both of these hashtags on your social posts to help potential followers find your content. To learn more about Hispanic heritage month or find great information on Hispanic art, architecture, music, poetry, history, and much more, visit To help your Spanish-speaking clients get ready to buy or sell a home, send them to Casa.Homes for great, free resources.

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