7 Video Creation Tips That Can Change Your Business Tomorrow

SOTSA_Peters_Thorne_Recap_Blog_2858_1200x600There are many reasons to make videos: lead generation, exposure, branding, becoming top of mind… However, you want to do it well.. Michael Thorne and Jesse Peters shared their tips for how to “Boost Your Business with the Power of Video” during their recent appearance on the Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar series. Find their tips below and visit SecretsWebinar.com to register for the next great, free webinar.
  1. Create more than just listing videos. While listing videos are essential, Peters stressed that “you have to do more than the listing video. The listing video has a short shelf life. The value is in providing all the video and messages and content before that.” The goal is to be top of mind. You get there by making sure that by the time someone is ready to transact, they’ve seen you and your brand in many different ways. “There’s an opportunity here,” Peters explained, “for you to get in front of the camera and showcase the neighborhood, showcase the schools, showcase the businesses, showcase you. To help you build ‘know, like and trust.’”
  1. You don’t need a lot of specialized equipment. “The power is in your purse, the power is in your pocket, the power is in your hand with your smartphone,” Peters explained. If you do want to invest in equipment, the very first investment you make should be a tripod. “Even if you’re doing just simple talking to the camera,” Thorne stated, “the moment your hands get off the camera, the camera becomes still and the quality goes up.”
  1. Don’t be me, be you. Thorne explained that “you don’t want to be a perfect version of you. You want to be the exact version of you. The moment that you try to be this polished version of you, it comes across like you’re unapproachable and you’ve got an ego and all these other things.” Peters elaborated that, “I’m successful because I’m figuring out who I am and there’s an audience for this. There’s an audience for every single personality out there.”
  1. Polished video isn’t necessarily better. “There are times, certainly, when polished video is more effective than raw video,” Thorne admitted, “but there are tons of times when raw video is way better than polished video.” People are more likely to trust you if you come across as real, and that’s what a raw, unpolished video can do for you. “Society is embracing real and raw and that’s where we see opportunities.” Peters said.
  1. Upload your videos separately on Facebook and YouTube. Each site serves a different purpose. “When I think of YouTube,” Peters explained, “I think of it as the public library. It’s where you’re going to go to do your research. It’s where you’re going to categorize your videos. You’re going to have your listing videos, your communities, right? And it is a search engine, so it has its value and it’s tied into Google.” Whereas Facebook, as Peters explained, is “our news. It gives us the stuff we click on, that we look at, that we watch, and 95% of it now, and I’m scrolling every day, is all video. Facebook has embraced video and now we have to play by Facebook rules and upload that video via Facebook.”
  1. Leverage existing communities. Thorne reminded us that “every single one of the businesses in your community has an existing audience. The local oil change company has a Facebook presence or an Instagram presence.” Utilize their audience by creating a short 45 second video explaining how much you love getting your oil changed there (and don’t forget to add cta screens with your contact info to the beginning and end of the video!). Remember to tag the business you’re talking about in your upload, as well. That company will be the first to share your video, which will in turn allow you to reach their unique audience.
  1. Use target marketing. Video targeting makes it possible to reach people and address their interests in ways that used to be impossible. You don’t have to market the overused front door of a listing in your ads. You can show off the amazing kitchen, garage, or horse barn and target each aspect of the listing to the group who would most appreciate it. “Start breaking it down,” Thorne suggested. “Now, the asset can be the same. It can be the same video, but the bait on the hook changes depending on the type of fish you’re trying to catch. Therefore, instead of spending $100 marketing vanilla, spend $25 to four different groups and your ROI will go through the roof.”
For more ideas and tips on boosting your business, visit SecretsofTopSellingAgents.com to register for the next free webinar. Linda McKissack will be discussing “Passive Income and Wealth Building for Real Estate Agents.” Register your seat now!

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