Want to Convert More Leads? Get to Know Them First.

HDC_Building_Rapport_Blog_1200x600“Know, like, and trust” is an important phrase in the real estate community. Leads must know you because, when they do, they’re more likely to like you and refer you to other buyers and sellers. Leads must also trust you. When your leads trust you, your advice has greater weight and the sales process goes smoother. There are many ways to build “know, like, and trust,” and they all begin with building rapport with your leads. Here are ten tips to start your relationships off right!
  1. Create a positive first impression. Whether your first meeting is over the phone or in person, you have to make the best impression possible. Speak with confidence and greet them with a smile. Make sure you present the image of a relatable professional. If you dress too nice, you could ostracize your more casual leads. If you dress too shabby, however, they won’t see you as a professional.
  1. Break the ice. Don’t dive straight into questions about your lead’s income, savings, and credit score. Break the ice with some safe, comfortable small talk so you and your lead can get comfortable with one another.
  1. Use and remember their name. Start using your lead’s name right away. Not only will this help you remember it, it will also give you a psychological foot in the door. People love hearing their names. Using it can help endear you to your lead.
  1. Ask open ended questions. People love to talk about themselves. Let your leads share information about themselves by asking open ended questions like “what’s the most important thing you must have in your house?”
  1. Find common ground. Finding out what you have in common can help you bridge the gap between you and your lead. Do they like basketball? Do they enjoy cooking? Have they been to that coffee shop downtown with the really great biscotti?
  1. Offer a compliment. Make sure any compliments you give are honest and sincere. Otherwise, they may come across as condescending and damage your relationship with your lead.
  1. Model your body language. Observe your lead to determine how loud your body language is. This will help ensure you don’t intimidate them.
  1. Adjust your tone of voice. People typically like people who are similar to themselves. Try to adjust your pace, volume, and tone to be closer to that of your lead.
  1. Be genuine. If you don’t like football, don’t pretend you do. If you aren’t feeling bright and bubbly today, don’t force it. Real estate relationships aren’t about acting. Let your leads like you for you. Be yourself.
  1. Be empathetic. People buy and sell homes for a variety of reasons. They could be going through a divorce or having a new baby. They may need a larger home to take care of an aging family member. Whatever is going on, there is an innate desire in most people to be understood. Give your leads that understanding by acknowledging their hardships, triumphs, and other driving emotions.
Knowing how to build rapport and actually doing it are two different things. As with most things, to be really good at it, you have to practice. Try Homes.com Local Connect to connect with active buyer and seller leads in your zip codes! You can learn more about Local Connect at (888) 651-8956 or by email at productinfo@homes.com.

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