How to Identify, Optimize, and Upcycle Your Best Content

HDC_Repupose_Blog_2869_1200x600At first glance, real estate seems full of catch-22s. One of these catch-22s is the fact that many agents find themselves too busy working leads to generate leads but need incoming leads to keep business going. That’s why time management is such a popular topic in real estate. Managing your time isn’t just about time blocking and routines. It’s about finding opportunities to accomplish multiple goals with the same time and resources. One way you can do this is by repurposing your old content in new ways.
  1. Identify your best content.
There’s not much point in reusing content that didn’t generate interest in the first place. Most social platforms offer free reporting for business profiles, making it easy to go through each platform you use and identify which of your posts did well. Check for posts with a lot of likes and comments, but the most important metric is clicks—how many people did your content drive to your website? The ones that drove a lot of traffic back are the posts you’ll want to repurpose. After all, a good social strategy is designed to send people to your website so you can collect leads.
  1. Optimize for each network.
While you can post content in a wide range of formats on most social media sites, some things will work better on certain networks than on others. For example, although a slideshow may be popular on LinkedIn, it probably won’t get much traction on Facebook. Also, your audience on each social network will be different. Your Instagram audience may prefer different formats or content than your Pinterest followers. Even within the same format, different social sites cater to different needs, so while video is popular on pretty much every social site, your ideal video lengths will differ on each. A combination of trial and error and results tracking can help you pin down what works best for each of your audiences.

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  1. Repurpose it to use again.
A truly great blog, video, or eBook shouldn’t fade into obscurity just because it’s been around for a while. There are many ways to repurpose your content in fresh, fun ways. A video can easily be transcribed and posted as a blog. Alternatively, you can take important ideas and memorable quotes from the video and turn them into images. A poll you asked your followers on Facebook ranking their favorite coffee houses can be turned into a downloadable list or incorporated into an area guide. The important part is to identify the elements that made the original content great and expand on them. Since you’ve already done the research and pulled together the necessary resources for your initial content, repurposing old content can save a lot of time. Now all you have to do is add some CTAs to send your audience to your website so you can capture new leads! websites are designed for real estate agents and brokers. They’re customizable, mobile friendly, offer unlimited number of pages, and are ready to connect to your MLS listings. Call us at (888) 651-8956 or email us at to learn more!

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