[Infographic] Common American House Types

HDC_House_Type_Blog_2855_1200x600From the Taj Mahal to the Empire State Building, the world is full of interesting and unique architecture. Climate, culture, and resources have historically shaped the buildings found in specific areas, and that is still largely the case. However, with trains, planes, trucks, and boats shipping materials around the world, the lines have started to blur. Now you can find a Mediterranean style home in Maine or a Tudor manor in Texas, which is great news for your buyers. They have options. Lots of them. However, many people don’t know how to tell the different house types apart. That bungalow they saw on the market a few weeks ago may just be “the house with the big front porch” to them, making it hard for you to know to look for a new bungalow. Download your copy of the infographic to help your buyers understand the different house types and narrow down your search to help them find the perfect home. HDC_House_Types_Infographic_2855_v2 Click the infographic to download! Then feel free to print, post, and share it with your leads and clients! For more great, free resources, check out our learning library full of client guides and educational eBooks.

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