Get Your Free Summer Resources and Start Connecting with Your Clients Today [FREE DOWNLOAD]
HDC-Summer-Guide-Blog-2497It’s officially summer. Peaceful days of sipping lemonade while lounging by the pool, and quiet evenings watching fireflies from the porch are here! Help your clients start the season off right with these great, free resources! Click the links below to see the fresh, free summer guide and checklists. Once you download, just click to add your name, number, and company name to make it easy for your leads to reach out to you. Share these resources with your clients, prospects, and database by printing them out, sharing them socially, or emailing them. Continue reading
Surround Yourself with the Trappings of the Season On-the-Go
HDC_Festivize_Your_Ride_Blog_2628_1200x600.jpgIt can be hard to find time to sit down and enjoy the gorgeous tree in your living room or the menorah in your office when your job, family, and busy schedule keep you constantly on the go. However, with these ten ideas you too can bask in the trappings of the season—from your car! In addition to adding a bit of festivity to your season, decorating your car can draw positive attention to your brand, help you stand out, and get potential clients to take note of you and your business. The enhanced atmosphere of your car will also make current clients feel especially well taken care of. Continue reading
Win More Listings and Work Fewer Hours with These Simple Tips
HDC-Dirk-Zeller-Redcap-Blog-2581If you’ve ever dreamed of having a four-day workweek and spending weekends at your vacation home, Dirk Zeller, CEO of Real Estate Champions and one of real estate’s top coaches, has advice for you. By his fourth year in real estate Zeller had achieved that dream: he was selling 150 homes per year and spending Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at his vacation home each week. The secret, he explained, is that “it comes from the listing side of the business.” Continue reading
Four Simple Ideas for Creating Lead-Generating Videos
HDC-Video-Marketing-Blog-2501Imagine if you could get face-time with your clients before even meeting them. You could answer their questions, show them a couple properties, and form a connection with them before shaking their hand. Video marketing helps to put you in front of potential clients and allows you to build a foundation of trust and familiarity, while creating an emotional connection. There are many benefits that come with using video in your marketing efforts – social media sites push videos to the top of network feeds, live-video streaming is gaining popularity, and modern internet users are looking for more involved ways to connect online. According to a recent survey, 85% of buyers and sellers want to work with an agent who uses video as part of their marketing efforts. Here are four ways you can use video to connect with more consumers, generate more leads, and build your business. Continue reading
The 6 Simple Truths That Inspire Audience Engagement
HDC-Audience-Engagement-Blog-2491You know social networking is important, so you joined all the big social sites. You know it’s important to have a website, so you built one and sent your listings to it. You know blogging is important, so you built a blog. But, are you getting the results you expected from your online marketing? If not, it may be time to look at increasing your engagement. Are you ready to “get in the loop” and “take your audience by storm?” Check out these six universal truths to help you “think outside the box” and “put your best foot forward.” These tips will help you “stand out from the crowd,”reach the top of your game,” and take your audience engagement “to the next level.” Continue reading
[Infographic] 60 Things to Do Today That Are More Important Than Showings
HDC-Gustafson-Infographic-Blog-2484Are you looking for more clients? In a recent Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar, Ashton Gustafson, who handles 100 transaction sides each year, shared his 60 Daily Points of Rhythm that will help you consistently plant seeds that will grow into clients. This infographic lays out Gustafson’s list of do’s and don’ts to help you sell more homes. Interested in more Secrets of Top Selling Agents? Register for the next live webinar at Continue reading
Tips from an Agent with a Money Making Website [FREE PODCAST]
➲ Play Podcast: Periscope – Marguerite Giguere | Secrets Unplugged feed-icon-14x14 Subscribe
HDC-Marguerite-Giguere-Blog-2478 It’s generally acknowledged that real estate agents need a website, but what does it take to get value from your site? We sat down with Marguerite Giguere, creator of the successful real estate website, in a recent Secrets Unplugged podcast to find out what it takes to build a real estate website that is a real asset to your business. Continue reading
Lead Generation, Cultivation, and Conversion [FREE Webinar]
Join us on Wednesday, June 1st for a special RISMedia “Broker Best Practice” webinar, All About Leads: Generation, Conversion and Everything in Between, where you can learn all about leads from generation to conversion. This webinar will be diving deep into the different stages of capturing and converting leads, as well as offering a technological perspective from top experts in the field. Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 10.28.30 AM Hear great tips from lead generation masters like Anthony Marguleas, owner of Amalfi Estates, Mark Seiden, CEO of the Mark Seiden Real Estate Team, along with’s own national speaker, Joe Sesso. Availability for this free webinar is extremely limited, so be sure to register to reserve your seat now!
15 Apps that Will Make Your Job Easier in 2015

HDC_Top_15_Apps_2015_2016It seems that every time you turn around, there’s a slew of so called top apps that people claim to be “game changers.” Well, as you may know, this is not always the case. Apps are supposed to make your job easier, but it seems that most them are just another thing to keep up with.’s very own Joe Sesso knows a thing or two about the tools that can be truly valuable in the busy world of real estate. To help streamline your operations, better manage your business and help your clients enjoy their home, Sesso has created a list of the top apps that real estate professionals should be using and sharing in 2015. Continue reading