MLS Trusted Partnership


*required MLS Partnership

MLS is committed to providing consumers with the most accurate listing information on the Internet.

That is why we are looking to partner with MLS organizations to replace listings sourced from services less reliable than the MLS. In exchange for listing information, is able to offer a unique value proposition that benefits the MLS and its members.

Our objectives are the same as yours:

  • Provide consumers with accurate listing information that they can trust
  • Connect your members to more consumers
  • Help your members maximize their Real Estate business

We work with you to accomplish those objectives in a number of ways.

PreferredFirst we update the listings you provide us with every 4 hours. The
MLS Trusted badge on all your members’ listings enforces the local MLS as the most accurate source of listing data, and consumers can be confident that the property details they see are correct.

Secondly the listing broker’s and listing agent’s branding, logos, and contact information are prominent on the listing detail page. We understand the value of a listing and we want it to be clear to the consumer who they can contact for the best information on a listing.

Lastly we can offer you and your members a fully integrated Dashboard which easily pulls listing information from your database into the marketing tools to create amazing reports and presentations in minutes. We offer fully scalable licensing options to ensure that you can get all the tools you want or just the tools you need.