Transform Your Internet Leads into Clients, Part 2: Make a Transformation
Blog-Images-for-Internet-Lead-Conversion_2_2566Have you ever noticed those hand-written signs offering to buy your house with cash if you call the number? I research the seller of a ten-dollar DVD before I feel comfortable buying it online, and I doubt I’m the only one who wants the reassurance of positive feedback before buying a product. In the case of a huge financial transaction like buying or selling a home, this is even more true. In fact, Google conducted a study in 2014 that found that 66% of buyers are extensively researching prospective agents online before reaching out to them. Moral of the story? If you want a potential client to feel comfortable reaching out to you, it’s essential to build trust before they submit a lead form. Boost your internet conversions by making sure online buyers and sellers aren’t passing you by. You can do this by creating a foundation of trust and developing a community of help. Continue reading
Twitter for Real Estate Professionals Twitter began as a simple communication platform, but has morphed into a remarkably powerful marketing tool.  It’s a site where an entire online community of people can engage in constant conversation. Real estate professionals can harness the power of this marketing tool through several ways.  From Nicole Nicolay’s Twitter Essentials for Real Estate Professionals, here are some strategies you can implement in your Twitter account: 1.       Rock your profile. Allow others to know who is tweeting by posting your photo and your qualifications as well as showcasing a little personality (while still being professional). Continue reading
Facebook for Real Estate Professionals Given that the majority of an agent’s target audience is located on Facebook, it’s critical to have a presence to reach potential clients and make sales. And while you can post an occasional listing to your social network, it’s recommended that you engage with your audience through industry knowledge and expert perspective rather than “pitch” them your services. First, take a look at the platform used within Facebook and then types of content that can or should be shared. Continue reading