Want to Convert More Leads? Get to Know Them First.
HDC_Building_Rapport_Blog_1200x600“Know, like, and trust” is an important phrase in the real estate community. Leads must know you because, when they do, they’re more likely to like you and refer you to other buyers and sellers. Leads must also trust you. When your leads trust you, your advice has greater weight and the sales process goes smoother. There are many ways to build “know, like, and trust,” and they all begin with building rapport with your leads. Here are ten tips to start your relationships off right! Continue reading
Use Your Real Estate Blog to Build Trust and Convert More Clients – 5 Simple Steps
HDC-Blog-Readers-Blog-2565Many people think of marketing as a linear event: someone sees your ad, then asks you to be their agent. However, it’s often not that straightforward. Instead, think of marketing and advertising as a valuable means to build consumer trust. Only after you have the trust of your consumers will you be able to guide them into the conversion process. The question then is how to build trust with your online audience. One great way to connect with new clients is through a real estate blog. According to CoSchedule, there is a five-step process to convert blog readers into customers. Let’s break it down for real estate. Continue reading