[Infographic] Secrets of Top Selling Agents: The Keys to Real Estate Success Revealed
SOTSA_Infographic_Blog_2884_1200x600Real estate titans such as Barbara Corcoran, Dave Liniger, and Gary Keller have found great success in their careers and have proven themselves willing to share their secrets with others. However, finding time to study real estate’s biggest sellers and influences can be a challenge; there are just so many. However, a solution is now available! Homes.com national speaker Joe Sesso condensed the lessons from the Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar series into a single, digestible book. Sample tips from each chapter below and visit Amazon.com to purchase your copy! Continue reading
10 Things Every Real Estate Agent Knows
HDC_Real_Estate_Basics_Blog_1200x600Each month, Homes.com sponsors the Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar program, offering agents a free training resource where they can learn advanced real estate strategies. However, before you learn the techniques of the industry’s biggest earners, you must master the basics. Here are ten things every new real estate agent learns. Continue reading
Now Available – The Keys to Real Estate Success Revealed!
SOTSA_Book_Social_v2_1200x600Gain valuable insights and study proven methods of success to achieve your goals with the new book, Secrets of Top Selling Agents; The Keys to Real Estate Success Revealed. In this must read book, Joe Sesso shares the top tips and secrets of real estate giants from the popular webinar series Secrets of Top Selling Agents. Barbara Corcoran, Gary Keller, Chris Smith and others tell you exactly what you need to do to be a top selling agent! Each chapter includes advice and tips from a different real estate superstar and covers a different aspect of real estate such as how: Continue reading
Your Listing, Your Leads.
HDC_Listing_Your_Lead_Blog_1200x600It all starts with a listing. Your listing. You drive to a house and show the seller how you can help them get the best price possible. You take tons of pictures and write a great description. Then you decide where to advertise that listing to get it sold as quickly as possible. When you choose Homes.com, your listing imports through your brokerage, the MLS, or perhaps Listhub. Regardless of how it gets there, once your listing pops up in your city, it receives great exposure where the millions of active buyers on Homes.com can see it.

“It’s easy to advertise, as my listings automatically download to Homes.com from the MLS.” – Kathleen Baker, Encinitas, CA Continue reading

Homes.com – Serving the Real Estate Industry for 25 Years
HDC_25th_Birthday_Blog_2679_1200x600.jpgSince we first launched 25 years ago as an extension of Homes & Land Magazine, Homes.com has been there to help buyers find homes, help sellers discover what their home is worth, and to connect agents with quality leads for faster conversions. Over the years, user-experience has been a top priority at Homes.com. As such, we’ve worked hard to cultivate relationships with the multiple listing services that allow us to provide consumers with the most accurate, up-to-date listing data possible. Continue reading
Ten Step Countdown to Improve Your Homes.com Profile
HDC_Social_Profile_Blog_2641_1200x600.jpgWere you among the millions of people counting down the last few seconds of 2016, waiting to ring in the new year? Well, you made it! Now it’s time to push forward and build the infrastructure you need to make 2017 everything you hope for. Ensuring your online profiles are up to date and representing you in a way you can be proud of is a crucial part of that. Here are ten things to do on your Homes.com profile to make sure your foundation is solid and ready to support a prosperous 2017. Continue reading
Free Webinars from Top Real Estate Pros to Prepare for 2017
SOTSA_Promo_Blog_2631_1200x600.jpgWhat will your New Year’s resolution be this year? Perhaps you intend to cut back on unnecessary spending, win 15% more conversions, or reach a certain number of transaction sides in 2017. Regardless of your goals for the new year, now is the time to think about how to achieve them. However, before you start planning it’s important to look back over past years for valuable lessons to help you move forward with confidence, avoiding previous pitfalls. We’re here to help. Here are three free SecretsofTopSellingAgents.com webinars from years gone by. We hope they help you create the best 2017 possible. Continue reading
Homes.com’s Top 10 – Product News and Updates of 2016
Product_Wrap-up_2016_Blog_2625_1200x600.jpgWhat a year! In 2016 NASA’s probe Juno entered Jupiter’s orbit, a solar-powered plane circumnavigated the planet, India planted 50 million trees in a single day, and Giant Pandas were removed from the endangered species list. In the industry, mortgage rates were consistently low and tight inventory made it a great year to be a listing agent. We hope you had a fantastic year too, one full of quality leads, a growing database of prospects, and plenty of sales! It’s been a busy year for everyone, including Homes.com. Here are a few of the new products and upgrades we launched in 2016 that you may have missed. Get caught up below! Continue reading
Work Faster with Homes.com. 2016 REALTORS® Conference Wrap-up.
HDC-NAR-2016-Wrapup-Blog-2606If you’ve been keeping up-to-date with us at the NAR 2016 Conference & Expo, you know about the growing importance buyers and sellers are putting on quick response (according to a recent poll on Homes.com, nearly 25 percent of buyers and sellers expect an immediate response). But don’t worry: we’re launching some new programs that make it easier than ever to feed your lead’s need for speed. Continue reading
Top 3 Reasons to Attend the 2016 NAR REALTOR® Conference & Expo FAST
HDC-NAR-2016-Visit-Us-Blog-2595There are a lot of reasons to be excited for the 2016 NAR REALTOR® Conference & Expo, but with the great speakers, open bar, and chance to win $500 each day, Homes.com has the top three! So pack your bags, hop on a plane and come join us in Orlando, FL from November 4, 2016 – November 7, 2016! Continue reading