[Report]: Find Out How Your Local Market Stacks Up!
Recently, Homes.com celebrated some promising news regarding the state of the housing market as reported by the National Association of Realtors® (It’s Official: NAR Reports that Housing Market is ‘Solidly Recovering’!).  All in all, the market is on the up and up.  But how do things stand in your neck of the woods? Look no further because Homes.com has unveiled a Local Market Index Report, which is undoubtedly the most geographically comprehensive measure of the U.S. housing market right down to the quaint little cul-de-sac near you!Homes.com Top-Single Family Markets Local Market Index What is the Local Market Report? Utilizing home pricing data for the period ending March 2013, the Homes.com Local Market Report is a new summary of price performance on repeat sale properties for both single family and multi-unit/condominium sales within the U.S. This information substantiates pricing trends, performance, and growth indicators. Continue reading