LinkedIn Groups Going Private
HDC-LinkedIn-Blog-2365Over the years, LinkedIn Groups, the B2B collaboration feature that should have been lauded as one of the best online gathering places, has developed a bad reputation because of the spam posters that take advantage of the system. However, that’s about to change. LinkedIn has announced several improvement plans that will restore Groups to it’s original, intended glory, making it a great platform for businesses and professionals to network and share their industry’s best practices. Continue reading
14 Apps You Need to Succeed in 2014
Yes, there’s an app for that.  In fact, we have 14 recommended apps that real estate pros should consider for streamlining your business in 2014. Our friend, and Inman Top 100 Most Influential, Jimmy Mackin suggested these tools during his presentation, “Must Use Apps for 2014” during one of educational sessions at NAR 2013.  From tools to optimize your inbox, measure your email campaigns’ performance, consolidate project tasks and more, these apps are a must-have for organizing your business and enhancing your clients’ experiences! Continue reading
How To Generate More Leads with Social Advertising
Social media is defined as “a website for social networking in which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages and other content.” But for marketing purposes, social networking has become much more than status updates and photo albums. Getting a message across to your audience is the main goal of marketing your business and what better place to reach them than on the social channels they use every day? Social advertising allows real estate professionals to not only connect with clients and prospects, but to also gain exposure to their own family and friends. Jimmy Mackin, named one of the top 100 influential people in real estate for 2013, provides a “how to” on optimizing this valuable tool in his “Generating Leads with Social Advertising” presentation from NAR 2013! has highlighted the key points for each social network to help you make the most out of advertising on social media. Continue reading
4 Ways LinkedIn Company Pages Can Expand A Business
With so many social platforms that are claimed to be “essential” in marketing a business, you may find yourself asking “which ones are actually worth my time?” Real estate professionals already have a busy schedule, so having to spend even more time managing another social account may seem unappealing. has found that one networking site has proven to be the most effective for business professionals and their companies than any other. You’ve likely heard of LinkedIn and odds are you even have personal page, but did you know that creating a LinkedIn Company page is an even better way to promote your business? Here are 4 reasons why! Continue reading
Expand your Database in Homes Connect with your Social Networks
You can access your Facebook , Google and LinkedIn accounts through Homes Connect and guess what, you only have to log in once!  Import contacts and expand your database in one place by connection these networks through the dashboard of Homes Connect. We can also check for new contacts when you log into and update you on who is using  To get started click here, and from the Social Networking dashboard you can access your social networks without tediously logging into each account separately.  Let us make your work and lead capture faster and more productive, we know you are busy this time of year and this function can expand your database quicker than before! With the Homes Connect dash, you will start with Facebook.  We will ask you to login to your account to allow full access. **Note: If you are using a public or shared computer, make sure the “Keep me logged in” box is not checked. If you do not sign out of your social networking accounts, others using the same computer will have access to your information. Once you have logged in you can import your prospects. The process is the same for Google and LinkedIn. Once you have accessed all of your social networks, click “Prospects” from the Social Networking dashboard to view your imported prospects. From here you can add your prospects to your contact database or send a message directly from the chosen social media platform. Your contacts will be updated with their picture and social networks you are linked to them through. Finally, add the social networking gadgets to your home page to view your news feed and updates. By adding the Twitter gadget you can also connect to your Twitter account and see updates from everyone you follow. Create your own status updates and tweets all from your HomesConnect Dashboard!   Not signed up yet? Call today. (888) 510-8795 or email us at
Access More Leads with Our NEW LinkedIn eBook!
Remember the cliché, “It’s not what you know, but who you know”?  Getting your brand established on LinkedIn is a great way to get connected with the people that matter.  LinkedIn is one of the largest professional networks online, and now has an eBook to show, professionals like you, how to expand your real estate brand within this social network!   “Five Steps to Building your Brand on LinkedIn”  could be the reason your brand becomes stronger and your name is recognized faster online. The steps outlined here will tell you who’s using LinkedIn, how to setup your account, improve your online reputation and connect with clients, prospects and other leaders in the industry.  No matter if you are new to LinkedIn or already started your footprint, the clickable Table of Contents will direct you exactly where you need to go, fast! knows how busy you are, which is why we made this eBook easy, visual, and relevant to real estate.  Get your brand noticed on LinkedIn and download your FREE copy today!
Tips for a Strong Online Password This week, LinkedIn experienced a severe security breach that may have put upwards of 6.5 million passwords in the wrong hands. The social media site did its best to conduct damage control by being open about the problem, encouraging their users to change their passwords immediately. Don’t delay – if you have a LinkedIn account, change your password as soon as possible. Even if your password wasn’t one of the ones compromised, why take the risk? LinkedIn has provided some helpful tips on how to create a safe, reliable password. Here are some of our favorites: Continue reading Social Channels Offer More interacts on many social networks and we engage with real etstate professionals like you! It’s not only about offering great industry news to you, but what you can bring to us. You are the field professionals, so we admire your opinions, feedback and interaction as much as we pride ourselves on being able to provide it to you. Here are some of are social channels that are dedicated to real estate professionals: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: LinkedIn: Benefits of Social Media:
  • Interacting with individuals that have similar interests
  • sharing news articles
  • Dependable place to go for relevant information
  • Opt out option – You can disengage when you like.
  • Broaden your network – meet new people, new leads
Why you should Engage with Social Channels Listed Above:
  • Live Chats. We have various live chats with industry leaders and experts across the real estate a technology realm that could really benefit your everyday workday life.
  • News. Our blog focuses on up to date news for real estate professionals, from agents to mortgage professionals and we like to hear from our readers.  The feedback we gain from readers is what makes our next blog article better than the last.
  • Tips and Resources. wants to offer articles where you, as a real estate professional, can read something and take something away from it quickly.  With that said, we like to provide you lists like Joe Sesso’s Top 10 List and bulleted lists with suggested resources to implement in your real estate business.
  • Photos.  Were you too busy to make a recent trade show?  We will have photos AND articles about what you missed!
  • Videos. will also provide videos at times from the trade shows and for new products!
  • Network.  Moving to a new area or looking for a new agent or lender to work with? Join our LinkedIn network and find professionals across the country.  See the city they located are in, and also evaluate their resume and review their recommendations.
These are only a few reasons to be involved with social media and to engage with  Join us in one or ALL of the above social channels and let us show you what you are missing.  We look for to interacting with you and hearing about your real estate success and having you share your stories with us.  Are there any real estate stories you would like to share with us here?