Jimmy Mackin's Do's and Don'ts for Facebook Marketing
Homes.com As you research ways to better market yourself and your real estate business with social media in the new year, we have another resource for you to utilize.  August 2012, Secrets of Top Selling Agents hosted a Facebook Marketing webinar with Jimmy Mackin.  Jimmy explained how to market your listings on Facebook with his helpful Facebook Marketing Cheat Sheet. Here are some key take-aways from his webinar: The DON’TS of Marketing Your Listings on Facebook: 1. DON’T syndicate your listings. 2. DON’T randomly invite people on Facebook to open houses. 3. DON’T  only share links with no context. The DO’S of Marketing Your Listings on Facebook: 1. DO tell a story with your posts and images. 2. DO encourage your followers to engage with your posts. 3. DO use beautiful, eye-catching photos that start conversations. Jimmy also gave a great presentation on marketing at last year’s National Association of Realtor’s Conference in Orlando. If you missed it, check out the video! To get more information on marketing your listings on Facebook, watch the recording of Jimmy’s webinar here. Also, be sure to check out the original post on the Secrets Blog right here!
New Look, Better Results! New Lead Forms
We have great news for our Homes Connect clients! We’ve completed an upgrade to our Lead Forms on your listings. Now, when you enable New Lead forms, when users want more information on a listing, all they have to do is provide their name, email address, phone number, and zip code. That’s it!  Continue reading
Customize Visitor Access to your Listings and MLS IDX
Homes.com wants to provide our customers with fast and easy resources to learn how to use their product and functions. It’s also important to Homes.com that we provide these guides when,  it’s convenient to their schedule. One of our most recent training videos is below. Learn how to customize visitor access to Listings and MLS IDX. Homes.com wants real estate pros to be able to have control over who views listings and what information is required, so now we have the opportunity to do so! Request a registration for exclusive listings, non-exclusive listings, search properties or even give full access with no registration. Watch the tutorial and see which registration option is best for your properties!
Training Video for Listings on Homes.com
What if you could increase your summer sales with learning how to manage your listings better within Homes Connect?  In this new Homes Connect training video, our product experts demonstrate how to do just that in the best way for you and your clients.  As real estate professionals see increased business during the summer months, what better way to manage them than with your Homes Connect product?  Everything you need to market your brand and listings is in one area and now we have a growing number of tutorials for you to watch at your convenience. Continue reading