Professional Looking Photos Don’t Have to Cost a Fortune – Smartphone Photography
HDC_Photography_Blog_Image_8-1_2704_1200x600Not long ago, you either had to have a professional grade camera (along with the knowledge of how to use it) or hire a professional photographer to take your listing photos to compete with the images you see in magazines and on the web. Thanks to the advancement of today’s mobile technology, you can take and edit professional looking images on your phone. Taking great photos on your mobile device isn’t just point and shoot; some skill is required. However, there’s no secret to amazing photos; with just a few tips and tricks you can capture the perfect image and add the finishing touches right from your phone. Continue reading
5 Strategies to Get Your Rental Listing Off the Market Faster

How are you marketing your rental listings? If you’re like most real estate professionals, you’ve probably invested most of your time and money into properties for sale and wait for someone to contact you about a rental. While this strategy may have worked for you in the past, times are changing and more homeowners are deciding to rent their home rather than put it on the market.

Whether it was the need for additional income or it was time to move and they couldn’t get their home sold fast enough, a homeowner would only consider renting their house as a last resort. Nowadays, due to economic and lifestyle trends, we are starting to see an increase in the single-family rental market, and real estate professionals need to realize that it presents a great opportunity to grow your business. Continue reading

[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Mobile Marketing Tactics to Target Buyers and Sellers
Looking for innovative ways to target on-the-go consumers in 2014? Mobile internet usage is projected to overtake desktop this year and nearly one half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices. Find out how to market your brand and listings to buyers and sellers that are actively searching for homes via their smart phone and tablets with these mobile marketing tactics that are sure to drive more leads your way! Continue reading Invading D.C. for Midyear NAR Conference!
We’re almost halfway through 2013 and that means it’s time for one of the real estate industry’s largest events, NAR Midyear 2013! is very excited to head back to Washington, D.C. to attend the Midyear Conference that kicks off May 14 and runs through May 16. So far 2013 has been shaping up to be a great year in the real estate industry, as consumer confidence rises now more than ever it is crucial for real estate professionals to connect with local consumers searching for homes in their local areas. Visit at booth #502 and be one of the first to learn how you can connect with buyers and sellers in your area with mobile local ads! While you’re at the booth, make sure you enter for a chance to WIN a VISA gift card! Also, stay up to speed on the action at MidYear by following our LIVE updates on Twitter via @HomesPro using #NARmidyear. See you there!!