Expense Tracking Apps to Prepare You for Next Year’s Tax Season
HDC_Tax_Tracking_Blog_1200x630As the 2016 tax season comes to an end, you become your own private investigator: searching every crevice, purse, drawer, or shoebox imaginable to find every last receipt or document needed to show proof of purchase for business expenses. That’s the burden of tax preparation: whether you own your own business or work as a self-employed employee (1099 filing status), you have to show proof of all your business expenses. Knowing what you can deduct and keeping track of these expenses throughout the year can take the hassle out of filing your taxes. Continue reading
Professional Looking Photos Don’t Have to Cost a Fortune – Smartphone Photography
HDC_Photography_Blog_Image_8-1_2704_1200x600Not long ago, you either had to have a professional grade camera (along with the knowledge of how to use it) or hire a professional photographer to take your listing photos to compete with the images you see in magazines and on the web. Thanks to the advancement of today’s mobile technology, you can take and edit professional looking images on your phone. Taking great photos on your mobile device isn’t just point and shoot; some skill is required. However, there’s no secret to amazing photos; with just a few tips and tricks you can capture the perfect image and add the finishing touches right from your phone. Continue reading
Experts Agree That Mobile is Taking Over

Mobile devices have become the preferred way of accessing the Internet and it’s more important than ever for real estate professionals to adjust their business strategies accordingly. Investing in this mobile trend has jumped to the top of almost every business’s “to-do” list, all searching for the best way to connect with today’s on-the-go consumer.

Jenn Williams, Digital Marketing Manager for Homes.com, recently attended the semi-annual Mobile Insider Summit along with mobile technology directors from major companies like Hotels.com, Retailmenot.com, and Volkswagen. This discussion panel of experts shared their thoughts on the evolution of the mobile industry, where it’s expected to go, and the driving forces behind it. Continue reading

Study Concludes Homes.com 'Clear Front Runner in Quality' Leads
REAL Trends conducted their 2013 Online Performance Study which included findings from their quest for “the holy grail of quantity, value, and the true source” of real estate leads. Let’s just say that it’s a great time to be partnered with Homes.com because the study concluded that the “clear front runner in quality was Homes.com followed by Zillow” and other real estate sites. Continue reading
Joe Sesso & His Top 13 Apps are Back at NAR!
There are so many apps out there in the smartphone world. It can be hard to know which ones are worth it and which ones aren’t. That’s where we come in! Homes.com You can discover your real estate business dreams with just your smartphone. Seriously! If you’re going to NAR this year, stop by the Homes.com booth #2265 to find out how. Our tech expert Joe Sesso will be sharing his Top Ten Apps for Real Estate, one of the most popular topics on our blog, PLUS 3 BONUS APPS at the Homes.com booth. As mobile technology advances, so do your choices for real estate marketing. Be sure to catch this presentation to hear about all the latest and greatest apps you need to market and/or manage your real estate business effectively! Joe will also be joined by special guest Erica Campbell, our social media guru, to let you in on the newest secret to listings exposure – Pinterest! Sure, you can pin recipes and outfits all day long, but did you know you can actually advance your real estate business with Pinterest, too? It’s true! Erica will tell you all about it! While you’re gleaning important knowledge from Joe and Erica, be sure to enter for your chance to win some cash. Homes.com will be giving away $1,000 to one lucky winner each day of the conference! Don’t miss out on your chance to win – come say hi to us at booth #2265!   **Stay tuned – We will be providing ALL the notes for these presentations!
Getting Ready for Family Reunion 2012!
Family Reunion We are gearing up to head to Keller Williams Family Reunion this Friday! We’ll be there from February 10th- 14th and we couldn’t be more excited! Homes.com will be at booth number 230 and we would love to see you! Make sure you stop by (remember, booth number 230) and register to win a FREE Kindle Fire! All you need to do is come see our team and get scanned. At trade shows, one of our favorite things is sharing knowledge with real estate professionals like you. That’s why we’re proud to announce that our very own tech expert Joe Sesso will be presenting at the Spotlight Stage on the Top 10 Apps for Real Estate from 3:00-4:00 on Sunday and the same time on Monday! As a bonus, Joe will also be presenting on the Top Tech Trends you should know about. As technology evolves, Joe’s presentations are sure to keep you and your real estate business up to date. This is an event you don’t want to miss! We’ll be posting LIVE updates on Twitter and on the Homes Connect Facebook page. If we upload a picture from the show and you’re in it, make sure to tag yourself! Excited yet? We are! See you in Orlando.
Realtor's Check with your Wireless Provider about Data Usage – Siri Eats it Up!
Real Estate Pros check your phone bill Apple released the iPhone 4 S in April 2011 featuring a new search activated by the phone user’s voice and speaking functions. Apple has really impressed their users with this new function, but Siri uses quite a bit of data. According to Bloomberg News the iPhone 4 S can use up to 2 times as much data as the model before and 3 times as much as the iPhone 3G. Siri may be to blame for all of this data usage because of how it works and needs to work appropriately. For instance, a user speaks to Siri requesting where the closest bank is located, the voice is bounced back from Siri to the Apple’s iCloud and then transmitted back to your phone when Siri announces her response. What an awesome feature! Just be sure that you have the best phone plan! More applications that need or use iCloud to function are sucking up a lot of date too!  Don’t blame Siri for all of it. Many service providers aren’t offering unlimited data usage to new customers anymore and that’s when a user’s phone bill could see a significant increase. Keep in mind, some service providers may offer a  “grandfather” option for current customers in that have already been paying for unlimited data. Continue reading
QR Codes
Homes.com They may be relatively new in America, but in Japan, QR codes have been bolstering marketing efforts for a while. Now, QR codes (or “quick response” codes) can be seen popping up all over the place in all of their black and white digitized glory. QR codes are small, square, artsy-looking bar codes that are capable of storing large chunks of data. When they are scanned by a smartphone, they offer up extra information to the user. Scanning a QR code with your phone may take you to a website, download an informational PDF file, show you a picture, etc. This relatively new feature is revolutionizing marketing so it’s no wonder that real estate agents have jumped on the QR code bandwagon. To make a QR code, search for a QR code generator online (like this one) and follow the easy steps to generate your very own code. Once you’ve created it, save the image, and upload it/print it/place it anywhere you’d like. Here are some creative ways to integrate QR codes into your marketing strategy: Continue reading
Why the mortgage calculator app gives agents an edge
Homes.comHomes.com’s new Mortgage Calculator app for iPhone gives consumers AND agents an edge! Homes.com’s new Mortgage Calculator application for the Apple iPhone has the real estate industry buzzing! This innovative app not only gives consumers valuable information about their mortgage, like a monthly payment based on down payment, length of term, interest rate and amount of mortgage, it also calculates whether buying or renting would be a better deal. Continue reading