& St. Louis Real Estate Agent Help Couple Find House on TLC's "My First Home" on TLC

The real estate industry is a hot topic in the media these days, and, along with St. Louis-area agent Allen Brake, will be featured in an upcoming episode of TLC’s hit show, “My First Home.” scored an interview with Brake in which he discussed the do’s and don’ts for first-time buyers. Here are some of his tips:

  • Interview a Variety of Professionals. Brake suggested that every first-time homebuyer take the time and look for a good pro. & Real Estate Agent Allen Brake Help Couple Find a Place of Their Own on TLC’s “My First Home”. He mentioned that a seasoned agent with a great track record will have a better chance of helping the customer find what they are looking for. Continue reading

Going Green: 3 Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

Earth Day is fast approaching, and many people are ready to take the initiative to go green. In fact, cities like Portland, Oregon and Chicago, Illinois have already joined the green movement by becoming more eco-friendly. Going green has become a very popular topic in the real estate industry and it would be a great idea to have some tactics under your belt on how to market to clients who desire to live a greener life. Here’s some ideas that may be useful to you:

1. Consider joining the green movement. As a real estate agent, you might want to bring yourself up to speed with what green living entails because some of your clients will be looking for eco-friendly homes. You should even think about taking courses to help you become a green real estate specialist. Doing so will help you learn about the specifics concerning green buildings and what the market is like for them. Continue reading

Celebrate Good Times! U.S. Housing Bust Ending It’s finally happening after several years of strife — citing encouraging growth numbers, economists everywhere agree that the housing market is finally improving. The slowed economy can’t really point at the real estate industry to blame anymore. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that almost seven years after the housing bubble burst, home prices are finally pointing upward. Though they’re not as high as they have been, they are still a huge encouragement for sellers and real estate professionals. Continue reading Social Channels Offer More interacts on many social networks and we engage with real etstate professionals like you! It’s not only about offering great industry news to you, but what you can bring to us. You are the field professionals, so we admire your opinions, feedback and interaction as much as we pride ourselves on being able to provide it to you. Here are some of are social channels that are dedicated to real estate professionals: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: LinkedIn: Benefits of Social Media:
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