How to Identify, Optimize, and Upcycle Your Best Content
HDC_Repupose_Blog_2869_1200x600At first glance, real estate seems full of catch-22s. One of these catch-22s is the fact that many agents find themselves too busy working leads to generate leads but need incoming leads to keep business going. That’s why time management is such a popular topic in real estate. Managing your time isn’t just about time blocking and routines. It’s about finding opportunities to accomplish multiple goals with the same time and resources. One way you can do this is by repurposing your old content in new ways. Continue reading
Tips from an Agent with a Money Making Website [FREE PODCAST]
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HDC-Marguerite-Giguere-Blog-2478 It’s generally acknowledged that real estate agents need a website, but what does it take to get value from your site? We sat down with Marguerite Giguere, creator of the successful real estate website, in a recent Secrets Unplugged podcast to find out what it takes to build a real estate website that is a real asset to your business. Continue reading Reveals Innovative Three-Dimensional Homepage
Notice anything different about  We have always aspired to make the home buying and selling experience simple for consumers, all while providing unprecedented value to real estate professionals. The new three-dimensional design makes it easier than ever for consumers to search for a home for sale or rent, connect with local real estate professionals, access mobile applications, get inspired at’s Idea Gallery, find out about contests or promotions, and much more.  More importantly, it brings added value to real estate professionals by attracting more homebuyer traffic and creating additional lead generation potential!   Continue reading