5 Tips to Enjoy the Holidays without Losing Potential Buyers
HDC_Soliday_Staging_Blog_2888_1200x600With a host of holidays quickly approaching, now is a great time to make your listings stand out. That said, here are a few tips to help infuse your staging, listing photos, and open houses with a bit of holiday spirit! Just remember, run your ideas by your seller and don’t go overboard. You want to attract buyers, not push them away! Continue reading
The Most Important Rooms in Your Listing
HDC_Staging_Blog_2846_1200x600I live in a small apartment complex where the layout of each unit is almost identical. Despite this, each home is entirely unique because of the way the occupants have furnished and decorated their homes. Some feel large because of the utilitarian furnishings, while others seem more modestly proportioned because of the comfortable, overstuffed furniture. Some are filled with warm, earthy tones that make you feel at home. Others invite a more modern feel with eye-popping splashes of color. Each apartment is completely unique even though underneath the individual furnishings, each unit is the essentially the same. Continue reading
Leigh Brown's Top 5 Answers to Client Objections
Leigh Brown, the self proclaimed, “No B.S. Realtor,” joined Secrets of Top Selling Agents sponsored by Homes.com last month and spoke about Real and Powerful Buyer/Seller Scripts & Dialogues for Today’s Market.  During the webinar, which you can still watch here, Leigh Brown suggested responses to common client objections during the real estate process.  This webinar is insightful, yet entertaining, and if you don’t have time to watch, just take a look below – we have provided you a list of common objections and answers from Leigh Brown’s presentation. Common objections during the real estate process: 1.  I need you to take a reduced commission. “No,” says Leigh Brown. This objection is most likely coming from a customer you don’t want as a client. While this may be a controversial answer, maybe saying no will tell them you mean business, or give you the opportunity to dedicate your time to clients that know what you deserve! 2.  Can you meet me at night? Sunday morning? “No, I’m available for appointments between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm,” says Brown. “Weekends are reserved for out of town buyers. Perhaps you can meet me before you go to the office? Or you can get off early to meet me.” Some may think that’s the way the industry is, but Brown’s success says differently. She says that business has not between her and her family; she hasn’t missed a baseball game yet, and she doesn’t plan on starting now! 3.  Is staging really that important? Houses can be rated on a scale of a 1 – 10. A rating of 1, the worst, might include stained carpet, broken windows, etc. should generally be priced to reflect that condition. The 10 is the “model perfect” home with the latest and greatest upgrades. On average, 1’s, 2’s, 9’s, and 10’s sell best because they’re either too cheap or too perfect to pass up.  According to Brown, staging is important because it takes you out of the middle, dead zone! 4.  The showing is NOT convenient. Brown states that a buyer won’t be interested in a home they cannot see. Remind them you are liquidating an asset and the more difficult it is for the buyer to access the asset, the less likely it will sell. 5.  Would you consider renting this property? Leigh Brown responded with an entertaining thought: “No! If I wanted to rent it, it wouldn’t be ‘for sale’ it would be ‘for rent.'” However, she offered a more positive approach. Ask the inquirer if they are interested in becoming a landlord, or if they know someone who needs to rent. Do not just ignore the call and shout “no” at them; turn the negative into a positive, and maybe they will call you again when they are ready. Leigh Brown’s webinar has a variety of tips for dialogues and scripts, check it out here to learn more.  You will enjoy this one!