Keeping Up with Consumer Trends: YOUniverse has been keeping an eye on consumer trends that may affect what your clients and prospects look for in a home. We’ve already discussed how status seekers are looking for guilt-free products that reduce their impact on the environment, and this time around, we want to shed some light on another trend called “YOUniverse.”

The key thing to remember about society’s YOUniverse trend is that everything’s about them! These types of consumers expect a high level of customization, involvement, personalization, and instant gratification, more than any other type of consumer.  Continue reading

[Infographic]: Cities That Celebrate "Earth Day" Every Day
“Going Green” is increasingly becoming a way of life, less of a trend, cost-efficient and dare we say, interconnected to solid real estate markets.  It is no surprise that some of America’s largest metropolises are being recognized for their environmentally-friendly efforts from alternative and public transportation to organic restaurants and recycling and composting laws.  In honor of Earth Day (April 22nd), shares this infographic featuring top eco-friendly cities that found it IS easy to be green!  They not only protect our earth but their efforts appear to be protecting the value of real estate.  Continue reading