How to Say “I Do” to Social Media in 10 Easy Steps
HDC-Social-Media-Blog-2388Have you found yourself wondering, dreaming about what it would be like? Trying to decide whether or not you should take that final step? Are you really ready to commit and take the plunge? It’s not a decision to make lightly, but if you’re ready to devote the time and energy to making it work, saying “I Do” to social media could be one of the best things you’ve ever done. If you’ve decided to take the leap, here are 10 steps to help you start your union off right. Continue reading
How to Increase Engagement and Drive More Traffic with Pinterest
In the last Pinterest article, we helped you decide if this visually pleasing social network is right for your business. Since it’s one of the fastest growing and most visited sites on the Internet, you’ve probably realized that it can help with audience engagement. In fact, Pinterest is retaining and engaging with users as much as two to three times more efficiently than Twitter was at a similar time in history (Hubspot).

“Pinning” images is the key to success with Pinterest; if you are not pinning interesting content, then it’s unlikely you will ever benefit from using this social network. This doesn’t mean to pin everything you see – it’s important to create boards that people will want to follow by including content that appeals to them. Continue reading

New Year, New Training Classes!
Starting in the next few weeks, Homes Connect will be offering a new series of training webinars. These monthly webinars will cover a number of instructional and beneficial topics concerning your Homes Connect product. The goals of the new webinar series will be to empower you as an agent to take control of your marketing and branding, all through maximizing your Homes Connect platform. Continue reading
How To Generate More Leads with Social Advertising
Social media is defined as “a website for social networking in which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages and other content.” But for marketing purposes, social networking has become much more than status updates and photo albums. Getting a message across to your audience is the main goal of marketing your business and what better place to reach them than on the social channels they use every day? Social advertising allows real estate professionals to not only connect with clients and prospects, but to also gain exposure to their own family and friends. Jimmy Mackin, named one of the top 100 influential people in real estate for 2013, provides a “how to” on optimizing this valuable tool in his “Generating Leads with Social Advertising” presentation from NAR 2013! has highlighted the key points for each social network to help you make the most out of advertising on social media. Continue reading